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Spa Winterization Service

First we give your Spa a checkup, testing the functions, checking for leaks and any issues that may need attention now or in the spring

We Drain and Empty Your Spa Water

We Blow Out All Plumbing Lines, Including Pumps, Filters, Waterfalls, Valves, Blower Lines, Heater, Drains

We Re-Connect All Plumbing Lines and Equipment

We Clean The Filters

We Wipe Clean The Spa Interior

We Cover The Spa Entirely With a 6 Mil Vinyl Plastic Cover, Then Tightly Stretch Wrap The Spa With Multiple Layers, Followed By Layers of Tape To Be Assured The Cover Stays On For The Entire Winter.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price for the service? The total cost for a normal size Hot Tub is just $195+Tax.

That includes all wrapping which most of our competitors do not provide. For Larger Swim Spa Units, contact us for a quote.

How long does it take to complete the service? The average time to do the entire job is

2-2 1/2 hours. We take our time and do it right.

Do we add Anti-Freeze to the Spa and Plumbing? Absolutely Not. Even if you asked us to, we would not do it. Anti-Freeze is used by folks who don't have confidence they blew out all plumbing lines to the fullest. Many Pool companies send workers out with a compressor and only blow air through the skimmer line, which is fast but not effective, Then they blow in some Anti-Freeze, to hopefully avoid having the pipes freeze from the water they left in. The biggest drawback to Anti-Freeze is the mess it leaves you in the spring when you have to re-open the spa. You would have to fill, empty and re-fill your spa at least 4-5 times before you get most of the oil slick left in your spa water from the Anti-freeze. Not to mention it is not safe for you or the environment. We spend a lot of time, removing cabinet panels to access all of the pumps, heater, and blower, and blow high-pressure air through each of those components and their plumbing lines, until every line has absolutely no water left behind. The result is a spa that is fully winterized, clean and ready for next spring, and most importantly a happy customer.

Do you have to call us in the spring to re-open your Hot Tub or can you do it yourselves?

If you prefer you can call us to re-open your Hot Tub in the Spring. But different from our competitors, we do not disconnect plumbing lines to the pumps and heaters or remove drain plugs, forcing you to call us to come back out for an opening and costly service visit. We re-install all lines and plugs when completing the winterization. Come springtime, you can remove your cover fill the spa and start it up, this saves you a lot of money if you like doing it yourself. And remember no messy Anti-freeze to clean up. 

Do I have to drain the spa prior to the tech arriving? No. We want you to have the spa full of water, so we can check all of your equipment for any problems that may need attention in the future, whether mechanical or plumbing leak issues. This way your Spa gets a Free Checkup and we give you the fulls service which includes draining your Hot Tub, so you don't have to. 

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