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Hot Tub Delivery / Move & Haulaway Service


After 34 years and thousands of Hot Tub Moves and Deliveries, Spa Guy Dave is the Northeast premier specialty mover for Hot Tubs. We cover all of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Longer moves to New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and beyond are also available.

Hot Tub moving requires experience and the right tools, to move spas professionally and safely. We use the famous Spa Dolly Trailer, Spa Dolly Cart System, the Spa Wedge Air Bag for lifting and lowering and numerous other specialty tools designed for handling Hot Tubs. 


Whether you are moving to a new home and you need your Hot Tub moved or you found a used Hot Tub on Facebook or Craigs List or purchased online and the shipper left your tub at the curb, we can help you move your tub to your backyard. Every job is different, so please call or message us with the details of your move, photos are a huge help too. We can also assist you in disconnecting the electrical wire. With our specialty equipment, we turn an 6 man job into a 2 man job, which saves you money.

Click Here to see the Spa Wedge

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